The impossible by Victor Garcia

We did it !

As we enter a new year with hopes and dreams, it's time for us to celebrate a milestone we recently reached: our app SimpleQR Code Reader has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from the Google Play Store!

We are very happy every time we receive a new review or email. We try to improve the app from time to time, and test new concepts this way. Over the past few months we have added customization options with new themes, let's quickly review them.

The 3 simplest themes are White, Dark and Pink. You can use them if you need something clear and simple.

The Paint theme was the first to use images.

The frame expands a tiny picture to fit the screen size, and 5 different stroke backgrounds are applied for each link line.

The Christmas theme was released to celebrate the holiday season.

The frame is a composition of different images, and this time it is the separation between the lines which is emphasized by 3 different Christmas sweater patterns. The snow effect is generated using react-snowflakes.

If you look closely, you will be able to locate a tiny Santa and his reindeer Rudolph.

The most recent and ambitious theme we added is a tribute to A-ha "Take On Me" music video.

The line squiggle effect is created by a combination of feTurbulence and feDisplacementMap SVG filter primitives, while the drawing video effect is created by a stack of 5 video layers on canvas, each with different filters and mix-blend-mode parameters.

It looks great on newer devices, but we still need to find ways to speed up video processing on older smartphones.

A good opportunity to rediscover this classic music video ;)

Thank you for your support! Let us know if you would like any other feature developed especially for you :)

Happy New Year!

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