A two layers mask, folded and pinned

Do your own mask

We created a new app this month. The initial idea was basic: to help people looking for instructions to make their own protective face masks. We quickly added features and layers to it.

Client-side facial recognition

We use machine learning algorithms to detect the dimensions of the user's face and generate a sewing pattern. This can be done using your device webcam or a photo. You can also just play with it to try out different mask designs.

Multilingual support

Many friends helped us translate the app content into different languages. We support English, French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay and Japanese. Contact us if you are willing to help us too :)

Issuing Open Badges

Our app is capable of generating Open Badges using a REST API. You can collect your badge once you have finished your mask.

And more...

There are many additional features to discover and we are continuing to improve our app. We try to keep it as user-friendly as possible.

So far we have received great feedback and more people are using it every day!

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