Apps icons dancing over the Esplanade, Singapore

New apps in May

The month of May have been productive for us. We published few apps to the Google Play Store and the Microsoft Store.

Let's review what has been released:

Data Cloud

Our first app release had to be this one. It's a simple PWA and TWA proof of concept to access our website's data. The surprise came from the Microsoft Store, where more than 75 people already installed it on their Xbox. That's a good reminder to never overlook a distribution channel!

Blog Data Cloud

This one looks similar but the technology we used is actually quite different. Why did we create a second app for this? Well, we think a blog allows more freedom on features, and some people might be looking for this kind of content only. But feel welcome to install both ;)

SimpleQR Code Reader

This one is a simple utility app. You can find numerous QR code readers in the stores, and some might me great, but from our personal experience it is very difficult to find something which is lightweight, easy to use and doesn't contain ads... So we made it ourselves!

We are also very happy to see we already have 13 five stars reviews from Spain, Argentina, Armenia, United Kingdom, India, Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Singapore and Indonesia. It's a simple app, but we hope it is useful!

What's next?

New mobile apps will be available in few days... Stay tuned!

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